Youth Points Awarded

CBVA will continue the New Bonus Point Structure for the 2015 Season.

The new structure will award Bonus Points based on how many teams play in the tournament.  We will use the same base point scale as we have in the past. Now, the more teams, the higher the bonus point value awarded.  See chart below. 

We will continue to double all points earned at the Rox Volleyball Premier Tour Stops. 

Participation points will remain at 5 points, regardless of the size of the field. 

All points last 1 year from the date earned and then fall off. 

# of Teams


0-9 teams

same as always

10-19 teams

10% bonus

20-29 teams

20% bonus

30-39 teams

30% bonus

40-49 teams

40% bonus

50-59 teams

50% bonus

60-69 teams

60% bonus

70-79 teams

70% bonus

80-89 teams

80% bonus

90-99 teams

90% bonus

over 100 teams

double points

Regular schedule

  • First Place=100 points
  • Second Place =75 points
  • Third Place = 50 points
  • Fourth Place = 25 points
  • Fifth Place = 15 points

ROX  Tour Stops
  • First Place=200 points
  • Second Place =150 points
  • Third Place = 100 points
  • Fourth Place = 50 points
  • Fifth Place = 30 points

Each player will receive 5 participation points for each tournament they play in. This will help players show their coaches how much they are playing

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