Youth Points Awarded
For the 2013 season we have launched a new point system we are terming "REPRESENT". At each tournament registration you will be asked (THIS IS OPTIONAL) to choose which of the following groups you'd like to award points to should you place.  You get a chance to choose this every time you register for a tournament so if it should change, you can change it next time you play.
  • Home Beach
  • School (high schools only)
  • Indoor Club
  • Beach Club
You may choose all or none.  If you do not see your school or club please email to have it added BEFORE you register, you may not go back and edit a registration.

Individual Points will be awarded just as they have in the past years using the below point scale.

Each player will receive 5 participation points for each tournament they play in. This will help players shwo their coaches how much they are playing

Regular schedule

  • First Place=100 points
  • Second Place =75 points
  • Third Place = 50 points
  • Fourth Place = 25 points
  • Fifth Place = 15 points

ROX  Tour Stops
  • First Place=200 points
  • Second Place =150 points
  • Third Place = 100 points
  • Fourth Place = 50 points
  • Fifth Place = 30 points

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