The Tour-2015

The Premier CBVA ROX Volleyball Tour
 consist of ten tournaments throughout the summer. The Tour Stops take place from Santa Cruz down to San Diego.

The goal of the Tour Stops are to take the top players in each age group from all 10 locations and bring them together  to play for the Championships. 

6/20-21           Sat-Sun            Tour Stop 1-Girls                    Pacific Palisades

6/24         Wed       Tour Stop 1-Boys        Pacific Palisades

7/5-6              Sun-Mon           Tour Stop 2                           Huntington State Beach

7/18-19           Sat-Sun            Tour Stop 3                           Manhattan Beach Pier

7/21                  Tues              Tour Stop 4                           Santa Barbara

7/28                  Tues              Tour Stop 5                           Long Beach

7/31-8/3          Fri-Mon            Tour Stop 6                           Doheny State Beach

8/5                    Wed              Tour Stop 7                           Santa Cruz

8/9 & 12             Sun              Tour Stop 8                           Ocean & Central Beach

8/15-16           Sat-Sun            Tour Stop 9                           Huntington State Beach

8/22-23           Sat-Sun            Tour Stop 10                         Hermosa Beach

8/29                  Sat     Championships - Stop Winners Only    Manhattan Beach Pier

The winning team in each age group of all the tour stops is invited to play in our Championship tournament on Saturday, Aug 29th at Manhattan Beach Pier. 

Seeding for the Cal Cup will be based on adult ratings followed by youth points with a cut off date of August 24th.

We will offer PREMIER PRIZES from ROX Volleyball at the Tour Stop tournaments. 

Champions from the invitational tournament will receive Championship prizes from ROX Volleyball and a championship plaque.

When a team wins the bid, the team will need to RSVP to the CBVA office no later that August 24th in order to reserve your team’s spot. Simply email to

There will be a total of 10 teams in each age group invited to compete for the Championship Title.

If one player cannot make it to the competition, that player’s partner may choose a replacement partner when calling the office to make the reservation (note both players must be CBVA members).

In the event that BOTH team members are unavailable, the second place team automatically advances to their spot. If the reservation are not made before Monday Aug 24th the Championship slot will automatically go the the 2nd place team.

To reserve your spot, please email Please include

1) the beach where you won
2) the age group 
3) both players’ names and player numbers.

There is no fee for the Championship Tournament as it is an invitational.     

Should the 2nd place team already be playing we will go to overall season points to fill the berth.

Teams that win multiple bids may play with either partner they won with.  Courtesy notice should be given to the player they are not playing with so that player may also choose another partner.


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