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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Starting February 8th, all of the 2020 events within the CBVA junior and rated event calendars will now fall under the AVP America umbrella and allow you to earn AVP points, entering you into the nationwide AVP ranking system and the AVP America Grand Prix programs.

The annual CBVA Membership is $40, but that will now also include an AVP Gold Level Membership. Meaning you’ll get two memberships for only $40 a year, allowing you to enjoy the many wonderful membership benefits from both organizations.  After Labor Day , the late season memberships are reduced to $25 and still include the AVP membership.

AVP Memberships are available at 3 different levels.

Bronze ($15), Silver ($25) and Gold ($44). Bronze is essentially "league only" play, Silver is for "regional events" including all CBVA events, and finally  Gold for "major events" such as AVP Tour & Championship junior events,

CBVA events would fall within the Silver level

If you are already an AVP Member at the Bronze or Silver Level at the time you register for a 2023 CBVA Membership, your current AVP Membership status will be extended an additional year from its current expiration date at no additional cost. If you are already a Gold Level AVP Member at the time you purchase a new CBVA membership, your current AVP Membership status will be extended an additional 6 months from its current expiration date at no additional cost.

You must have a partner to register for a tournament; you and your partner must be active CBVA members to play in a tournament. Either you or your partner can register the team (only one player needs to complete registration, not both).

CBVA membership costs $40, must be renewed each year, and is valid until December 31st of that year. Your registration with the CBVA also adds 365 days to your current AVP membership.

Select the tournament(s) you are interested in on the Schedule, then continue to create your team (you may need to log in first), confirm, and pay to complete registration. 

You will be able to see all your upcoming tournaments in the My Schedule section of Player Profile.

If it's more than 24 hours in advance just email us at and the credit card you used for registration will be credited the full amount. 

If it is less than 24 hours in advance you special approval from the  tournament director which they may authorize if there is a wait list. Refunds without approval are available until noon the day before the tournament.

Refund Policy

For all tournaments, except at Santa Cruz & Monterey: To cancel your registration in this tournament, you must call or e-mail the the CBVA Office & the Tournament Director by 12NOON the day before the event, in order to receive a refund. There will be no refunds for cancellations or NO SHOWS the day of the tournament if the TD is not informed. Refunds for cancellations AFTER 12NOON, the day before the tournament will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director will inform the CBVA Office of all refunds at the end of the tournament. The CBVA Office will not issue any refunds without the approval of the Tournament Director. 

For tournaments at Santa Cruz & Monterey: To cancel your registration in this tournament, you must call or e-mail the the CBVA Office & the Tournament Director at least 72 HOURS before the event, in order to receive a refund. There will be no refunds for cancellations or NO SHOWS the day of the tournament if the TD is not informed. Refunds for cancellations AFTER 72 HOURS OUT will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director will inform the CBVA Office of all refunds at the end of the tournament. The CBVA Office will not issue any refunds without the approval of the Tournament Director. 

It's best to arrive between 8-8:15 so you have time to park and get settled before you check in at 8:30.  Play begins at 9:00 unless specified otherwise. 

If you're not sure, don't hesitate to reach out to the CBVA office or your Tournament Director.

Yes, but they must be of the level of play of the tournament.

We have several Divisions which correspond to different skill levels: 

  • Open or AAA: This is the highest level of play
  • AA: Very strong experienced beach players
  • A: Have developed some strong skills
  • B: Intermediate
  • Unrated: New to the beach game

If you are an Unrated player play the level you think you belong in. You'll quickly learn if you were right and can adjust accordingly next time.
If you have earned a rating, you may play at or above your rating but may not play below your earned rating (even in a coed). 

In other words, a tournament division indicates the highest level of player allowed in the tournament. For example, a AAA-division tournament can have players who are AAA-rated or below; a B-division tournament can have players who are B-rated or below.

We encourage our Junior players to play in rated tournaments and earn ratings.  It does not preclude them from playing Junior tournaments in the future.

Your rating holds for the season you earn it and the following year.  On Jan 1st if the rating is not re-earned it will drop down one rating each January.

To guarantee a playing spot and avoid a $5.00 registration surcharge, sign up online before 5:00pm the day preceding the tournament. 
Online registration will not be accepted after 5:00 pm the day prior to tournament. 

Paying your membership dues will keep your CBVA membership active through the rest of the season,  ending Dec 31.  Whether you buy it March 1 or Sept 1, all memberships expire on Dec 31 of that year. 

Our partnership with the AVP also adds 365 days onto your current AVP membership when you register for CBVA.

Your membership record (including results, points, ratings) will stay in our database indefinitely, regardless of whether your membership has been activated. However, you must pay your dues ("activate your membership") in order to play in upcoming tournaments.

Nope. Please check out our schedule for other options (like Coed tournaments) or our Find a Partner page.

We have two types of AAA tournaments.  One is listed as AAA, the other is listed as Open. Open charges an additional fee that goes into the prize pool.  That is the only difference in the two.  Some players like having a prize pool, some don't, so we try to offer some of both.

If you aren't able to find a solution in our FAQs, we would be happy to help.

You can reach out to us at the office at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Log in to the Player Profile section and click My Schedule. You'll be able to see everything you are signed up for, tournament info, and team info.

Go to the Represent page (⬅️ click the link!) or go to the Juniors menu or Member Info menu and click Represent. Then click the tab for the type of Org you are looking for (Beach, Beach Club, Indoor Club, High School). When you find your Organization, click details, find your name, and check out all the points you've earned for them! 

We are introducing three new divisions to Juniors for 2017: 14U Rec, 12U Rec, and 10U.

14U / 12U vs. 14U Rec / 12U Rec: The 'Rec' divisions are for our young players who are newer to the game and would like the opportunity to learn and play in a less competitive environment than the non-Rec divisions. A Rec division will only be offered when there are enough teams to support it as a division separate from the non-Rec division. Rec divisions only award participations points regardless of finish

10U: The 10U division will be made up of 'Mixed' teams - meaning teams may be made up of 2 Girls, 2 Boys, or 1 Girls & 1 Boys - all in one division. This division also only awards participation points, regardless of finish. 

Women play on a 7'4'' net, and Men on a 8' net.   Net height varies for Juniors as they age up. 

10U & 12U: 7' (2.13m)

Women; Girls 14U, 16U, 18U; Boys 14U: 7'4'' (2.24m)

Men; Boys 16U, 18U: 8' (2.43 m)

As of Jan 1 2023,  the typical non-Open tournaments (this includes Junior, Unrated, B, A, AA, and AAA divisions) cost $70 and Opens cost $85. Opens with a higher prize pool cost $100 per team. This fee goes towards both running the organization as a whole, as well as to the Tournament Director & his/her team who set up & run the specific tournament. The additional cost for Open is put towards the prize money. (If you want to play top level tournaments without the prize money, AAA is for you!)

Note that some tournaments may be priced differently.  If you have any questions relating to pricing and tournament fees, please don't hesitate to reach out to the office at or leave a message at 310-457-8451.

If it is currently January or February, registration may still be closed across the whole of CBVA as we finish our final preparations on the schedule.
If it is currently November or December, registration may be closed because the season is over for the year. Please check back in a few months! 
If we are in season (March-November), and you are having trouble registering for Santa Cruz, please note that registration at Santa Cruz opens 4 weeks + 1 day before each event day.

If you've checked the conditions above and believe that you are still unable to register in error - please email us at

Yes! All are welcome to play CBVA, regardless of where you are from.

To play CBVA you must first create a CBVA membership, then activate it for the season by paying your membership dues. It costs $35 for the season and includes 365 days of AVP membership, and a membership T shirt.  Even if you are only playing in one tournament,  you must pay your membership dues for the season.  Once you have an active membership (and a partner with an active membership), you are welcome to sign up for the tournament(s) of your choice.

Your membership history will stay in our records going forward. Every time that you play with CBVA, use the same membership account to ensure your ratings, points, and results follow you as you play!

Go to our Facebook page ( and check out the photo galleries there. You are welcome to download them from the Facebook albums for personal use so long as you credit/tag CBVA. If you are looking to put them on a website or something beyond just personal use, please let us know so that we can tell you how to properly credit the photographer and see if we can get you a higher resolution version!

PS - if there's a photo of yourself that you'd like to have taken down, we are happy to accommodate. Please send us an email (at with a link to the photo and we will take care of it.

We do not allow this exception. Regardless of year in school, Juniors must follow the age guidelines*. Playing in 16U provides the opportunity to earn more points than you'd get in 14U, plus playing against players that might be a little bigger or more experienced will help you improve as a player faster.  

*We will make one exception for high schoolers who want to play 18U who have aged out of the division. This is because we do not have an older Juniors division beyond 18U and is for players not yet ready to move to rated tournments. 

The ranking system  looks at (1) the player’s earned rating, then (2) the player’s earned points (first rated event points, then Juniors event points in case of a tie). Players earn ratings (ie AAA, AA, A, B, Unrated) by having excellent finishes in rated tournaments (as outlined on this page), as are points.  The combination of rating and points results in a rank number, where all players with one rating are ranked better than the players with the next rating. For example the AAA-rated player with the most points is ranked #1; the AAA-rated player with the least points is ranked say #200; the AA-rated player with the most points is ranked #201 (even if the top AA player has more points than the last AAA player); and so on. You can see the leaderboards that are a direct results of this here.

The Junior ranking system relies purely on Junior points. Points are awarded based on finishes according to this chart. Ratings are not awarded for Juniors and are not considered in the Junior ranking system (neither are points earned in rated tournaments), as shown on the Juniors age group rankings.

Tournament seeding for rated tournaments uses the combined rank (according to the ranking) of the players on the team. 

Tournament seeding for Juniors tournaments prioritizes all teams with at least one player with a rating (AAA, AA, A, B) and seeds them according to combined rank; then it considers all teams without a rating (Unrated, Novice players only) and seeds them based on cumulative Juniors points.

Ratings are awarded in tournaments only, based on finish as outlined here.  All players are rated as Novice until they've earned points in an rated tournament, at which point the player is Unrated or earns a higher rating. Ratings affect rank in the the ranking system (in combination with points), but do not affect the Juniors ranking system (purely based on Junior points).

- NR means "No Rating" and when you see it in results, it effectively means there is no change to the player's rating. It is not a rating that a player can hold.
- Novice is the starting rating for players until they've earned results (a playoff finish) in rated tournaments. 
- If you want to earn a rating, you'll need to play in rated  tournaments.
If you are hoping to improve your rank in rated tournaments, the focus should be to improve your rating and to accumulate playoff finishes (and therefore accumulate points).  Please refer to the "How does the Ranking System work?" question for details. 

If you are hoping to improve your rank in Juniors, the goal should be to play (and do well) in as many Junior tournaments as possible to build the point total. Older divisions award more points. Ratings and points do not affect Junior rank.

All points last for 1 year from the day they are earned. For example, points earned March 1 2017 expired on March 1 2018. Points earned Mar 1 2018 will exist until Mar 1 2019.

No, you may not play under a second player record.  

If you create a second player record for the purpose of subverting the rating system to play below your rating, you will be sanctioned at the discretion of CBVA, potentially including forfeiture of tournament registrations, invalidation of results awarded, suspension, or expulsion from the organization. 

If you create a second player record on accident, please let us know asap so that we merge your records and avoid any confusion.

Gray means that you aren't eligible for the tournament. Please double check that your membership is active and that meet the gender requirement and division (rating or age) requirements.  If you are an Active CBVA member, the specified gender, and an appropriate age/rating but still showing up gray, please go to your Profile and check My Schedule.  You may already be registered for a tournament on that day! 

Being a good referee is a crucial part of what makes our tournaments fun and high-level.

If you're new to the sport, it's a good idea to read the rulebook several times. Learning the rules of the game will help you become a better player. Then, when you're on the beach with more experienced players, ask for help understanding the calls and faults. At your first tournament it is a good idea to ask more experienced players to help you learn how to referee.

The most commonly mistaken calls relate to setting, blocking, and contacts. Please review the rulebook to make sure you understand the CBVA rules on these aspects of the game.

When your team is tasked with refereeing a game, one player is a dedicated referee and one player is a dedicated scorekeeper. The referee is the only person making calls. The scorekeeper does not influence or interfere with the referee. Our expectations of referees can be found in the CBVA rulebook.